Logo Ordering Instructions

Matgirl offers 4 different types of logo mats: Classic Impressions, ColorStar CompuTuft, Waterhog Inlay, and SuperScrape Logos.

ClassicImpressions logo mats are manufactured using our state-of-the-art digital printer. We start with a white 100% static dissipative nylon carpet and digitally dye your choice of 24 standard colors or your special PMS colors into the carpet. With this manufacturing process “”Phase-in”” colors and shaded areas are possible helping to create 3-D designs. Designs with intricate details or small letters are possible with ClassicImpressions.

ColorStar CompuTuft mats are also produced using a computerized tufting machine. 20 colors of anti-static, solution dyed nylon are available for designing your logo. Up to 6 colors may be chosen for a single design. ColorStar CompuTuft mats have excellent colorfastness and should be chosen when the mat placement area is exposed to direct sunlight.

Waterhog Inlay mats are produced by cutting your design out of fabric with a computerized cutting machine and then piecing the design back together like a puzzle. 18 colors of anti-static, polypropylene fabric are available for your designing needs. There is no limit to the number of colors that are used in a single design. Standard prices allow for designs with up to 30 letters etc. Designs with 30 or more letters, characters or pieces will be charged a surcharge.

SuperScrape Logo mats are produced by molding a colored nitrile rubber logo or design into a black nitrile rubber background. 6 logo colors are available. A maximum of 5 colors plus the black background may be used in a single design. SuperScrape Logo mats are available in 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 sizes only.

Artwork Requirements: We require editable files, also known as vector images, which are typically available in eps or pdf format. If your company has had anything printed in the past, this type of file should be readily available. However, if editable files are not available we can accept other formats such as jpg, bmp or tif at a minimum 300 dpi. As a last resort we can sometimes attempt to work with a business card or business letterhead. Please submit artwork via an email attachment to mats@matgirl.com.

Art Proofs: Art Proofs are available for approval of your designs. Art Proofs can be viewed online, which eliminates the need to mail a printed version. First and second versions of art proof on a single design are provided at no charge. Additional art proof versions of the same design will cost $25.00 each. Art proof charges will not be refunded if the design is subsequently ordered.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-628-4475 or email Lorie at mats@matgirl.com.